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Our team emphasizes on the privacy of our users and utmost care has been taken so that your privacy cannot be breached in any way. You can always contact us through our support group and give feedback on various social networks. The ads that are used are through Google Ad-Sense. Our website tracks your activity and makes use of your IP address, time, date and location. The number of clicks is also administered to make the pattern of the visitors known. All this is used without compromising on the privacy of the user. The identity of the user is strictly safe.

The advertisements on the site use cookies and links the user to the advertised page, the website is not responsible for the misuse of information once outside our webpage. Third parties may use software such as cookies, Java script or web beacons, which could compromise the privacy of the user. . The website has no control over the cookies or tracking software used by third party advertisements. For better understanding you need to visit the privacy policy of the third parties because the privacy policy of our site doesn’t apply to the advertisements. You can at any time block the use of cookies or use privacy software to avoid being exposed to malicious threats on the web. We strive to make your visits to the website secure as safe browsing is one of our top priorities.

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