Detox Naturally With These 8 Yoga Poses

Yoga has miracle in relaxing your body, mind and spirit. In our routine life we should make routine of doing yoga.

There are hundreds of yoga poses that play vital role in shaping and detoxing. Today we are going to share simple 8 yoga poses that will help in detoxification naturally.

1. Mountain Pose

How to do it:

It is the easiest pose in which you simply stand straight. Combine your feet together. Put the whole body weight on your toes and drive your legs and feet down into the earth. In order to lengthen your spine, lift your chest and broad your shoulder blades. Spread your arms facing palms forward in a gesture of receiving.


It makes your shoulders and chest open. It also lengthens your spine. It makes your spinal cord relaxing.

2. Upward-Facing Hands Pose

How to do it:

In the mountain pose inhale and sweep your arms up from the outside over the head. In this pose look upward and bring your palms together but make your elbows straight.


This pose is especially beneficial for your arms and shoulders. This pose is helpful in relieving gravitational compression on your body.

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